Fiery facilitation

As I mentioned in my first post, there’s a global scene of chiliheads connecting through the web in forums and social media groups, and via blogs and videos. My buddy Todd over in Florida has been growing and reviewing hot pepper pods for a while now, and I really like his vids. So when I was talking to Felix of Berlin’s only proper hot-shop Pfefferhaus about ways to get their homebrand products known to a wider audience, I suggested sending over a batch of their stuff to Todd for review. They did, and Todd made some cracking vids in return. In fact, he was so happy about the package, he also kindly sent me a 5-pack of his own homemade gourmet hot-sauces for free. What goes around comes around, eh? 🙂 Here are the vids …

Pfefferhaus Box Opening

Dual Sambal Review

More Fire Hotsauce

Killer Corn

And finally, here’s a picture of the set of excellent sauces Todd sent back to me:


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