Firing up!

Hi there!

My name’s Volker and I live in central Berlin. On this blog, you’ll find all sorts of information relating to my interest in capsicums, chilis, chillies, chiles, hot peppers or whatever you might call them round where you live.

Over the years, I’ve acquired quite a passion for hot, spicy food and since 2009, I have been growing my own pepper-plants on my balcony. During the first few years, I have only been using seedlings that I bought from local gardening- or hot-shops. In the 2012 season, though, I started growing from seeds for the first time and I tried to make my grow as varied in terms of genetics, taste and heat as I could. I managed to cram 41 different hot pepper varieties onto the 9 square meters that my balcony has to offer. I was quite chuffed with how it all came out, and from it, I certainly did learn a plethora of new facts and causalities that hadn’t crossed my mind before. For more detailed info, pictures and videos, check out the Berlin Balcony Jungle Project page on this blog.

Hot peppers have a lot to offer beyond some breathtaking heat. There’s a huge range of flavours, aromas, shapes and sizes to them. Since I’m into cooking as a hobby, as well, you’ll find some recipes and tipps on using peppers in the kitchen in the hot food section of this blog.

There’s a growing global chilehead scene, so hot peppers are also a great way to connect to some cool, funny, amazing and interesting people all over the world. There are some awesome Facebook groups for that matter as well as people reviewing peppers and hot sauces on Youtube. I’ve compiled some of those that I recommend in the links column on the right-hand side of the screen. Also, you will find a couple of video reviews of my balcony-grown pods by some of my favourite reviewers.

All the info you’ll find on this blog is based on my own experience and/or on my own thorough research. So everything I’ll be telling you here and in my videos is to my best knowledge. But of course I do not claim to be an expert or know any ultimate truths. Therefore, if you disagree with me on any point I make on this blog,  let me know your objections. But please, don’t get too upset about it. After all, growing hot peppers is a fun hobby … and that’s why I’m into it.  🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy the articles, pictures, videos and everything else I will be putting up here. And if you haven’t caught the chili-bug yet, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get you infected.



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4 responses to “Firing up!

  1. craig richardson

    looks great Volker..looking forward to reading

  2. Great blog Volker 🙂

  3. tmudder

    Great looking blog Volker! Thank you for the front page placement my friend :o) I’m looking forward to digging through this!

  4. paulmtonkin

    Hey Volker, this all looks awesome and thanks for the kind words and publicity on our videos 🙂 Very well presented blog!

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