Rebels with a Scorch!

Had a great time at the Blogrebellen “Hot & Funky Cooking Show” last night, streamed live with video and audio from the kitchen of Berlin blogger and passionate cook MrSchtief.

He cooked up a supertasty Jambalaya and I brought a pumpkin-rocoto soup for starters. Also, I packed a batch of hotsauces sent to me by Todd aka tmudder, some homemade powders and fresh pods to try in between the courses. Walter Marinelli of Blogrebellen supplied some funky tunes to ride on while cooking and eating.

Unlike myself, Schtief as well as Walter and Peter of Blogrebellen are not passionate chiliheads. A spoonful of tmudder’s Mojo Madness was a good first hit, but when we tried my homemade “Lemon Lava” powder made of Fatalii and Habanero Hot Lemon, that really scorched them pretty bad.

Background info: only 20 minutes before the show, the computer-harddisk of Blogrebellen’s Walter Marinelli crashed so he had to improvise DJing from Peter’s machine. Being the complete music-nerd that he is, he excelled at that task.

Here’s are the videos of the show if you care to watch. Be aware the show is in German language.

Part 1

Part 2


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