Two guys, four reviews and eight hot-sauces

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did some cross-atlantic chilehead networking and connected Todd aka tmudder from Florida and Felix of Berlin’s Pfefferhaus. Not so long ago, Felix sent Todd a couple of his homebrand products for review and Todd, who’s a professional chef, mailed a batch of eight of his own hot-sauces back to me.

So this time round, Felix and myself met up at the Pfefferhaus store for a fun tasting-session of Todd’s concoctions. We split the footage of the session up into four vids, and tried two sauces at a time, in order to keep the reviews watchable in terms of running-time. We had a really great time and the sauces were all very good to excellent. Taste always comes first with these sauces and the heat never overtakes, even though in some of them, it is pretty solid.

So here’s the first of the series that I dubbed “Double Double Sauce Reviews” – a test of the “Rainbow Relish” and the “Florida Fury”. I’ll be uploading the three remaining parts over the next couple of weeks. And even though neither Felix nor myself have ever done sauce-reviews before (and we’re not planning to become professional reviewers in the future), I really hope you’ll enjoy watching us try these gourmet creations for chileheads.

You can order all the sauces we’ve reviewed directly from Todd, find his menu here.


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