Scorching Roasted Überyummy!

As mentioned in my last post, Felix of Berlin’s Pfefferhaus and myself set out to do some team-reviews of a total of eight different hot-sauces by Florida-based chef Todd Warosh aka tmudder, two at a time.

Here’s the second vid of the series covering the “Scorch Steak” and the “Roasted Ghost” sauces. The first one has brown 7Pots in it, the second one holds a good dose of Bhut Jolokia. The heat never overtakes on either of the two, it always leaves enough space to really enjoy the intense yet perfectly rounded overall flavours.

The “Scorch” has Szechuan peppercorn in it, which does not only go ever so nicely with the wonderfully contrasted tang created by coffee, molasses and Worcestershire, but which also numbs the intense burn of the brown 7Pot, thus keeping it all in a good, tasty, energetically loaded kind of balance.
The “Roasted Ghost” on the other hand, gains much of its yumminess from the base of roasted onion, garlic and tomato plus some fire-roasted Bhut Jolokia. It’s the perfect sauce to go onto and into any kind of meat dish, whenever you want to add a bit of savoury, bbq-ey, rocking kind of depth to that protein type of texture and taste.

Enough babble, you might as well just watch the vid!



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4 responses to “Scorching Roasted Überyummy!

  1. Nice follow up to the already killer vids you guys put out!

  2. spicemad

    The two of you doing the review together works well. Watching someone chug down a tablespoon or more of insanely hot sauce and viewing the aftermath can get a bit boring for me. You approach it more from a connoisseur angle, and the shelves lined with sauces and other chilli products in the background amplify what you are doing. I like it! 😉

    II bet Felix is the chilli sauce equivalent of a sommelier.

    • thanks a bundle! these are our first steps as reviewers. to me, it feels a lot like you describe when i watch these “hot sauce stunts” – it’s fun for a while but it gets boring and you don’t really get that much info on a sauce. we tried these sauces just in the way that we try other sauces when the camera is not running. cheers!

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