I’ve made a quick little video about potting on. It combines the info on the first re-potting stage of the seedlings from my recent post with some new info and images on overwintered plants as well as an amazing jazzy-to-headnodding dubstep tune by Russ Liquid. The music is available at a pay-what-you-want option at Bandcamp.

In mid March when the amount of natural light here in Berlin gets more plentiful, it’s a good idea to give those overwintered plants some new space to grow into and some fresh nutrients to feed on. Since these are adult plants, their needs are a bit different from the ones of the seedlings. Which calls for a bit of a different soil-mix when re-potting.

Material for re-potting the overwintered plants.

For that purpose, I use a mix of 80% tomato/vegetable soil, 20% earthworm castings and a sprinkle of organic long-time fertiliser per liter of soil-mix.

The tomato-soil, branded “Neudorff Neudohum”, is made from organic material but it’s peat-free – which I like and support for environmental reasons.  All to the benefit of strong root-growth and efficient nutrient-uptake in the plants, this soil also has coco-fibres and little balls of swelling clay in the mix for good permeability. Plus it’s infused with a fungus named Mycorrhiza which lives in symbiosis with the plants, helps it to draw nutrients from the soil and protects the roots from harmful fungus.

The fertiliser is an organic long-time fertiliser, brand name “Cuxin Orgasan”, that will help to keep the soil infused with nutrients and microbiotic life throughout the 2013 season. Same thing about the earthworm castings.

Soil-mix: 80% tomato soil, 20% wormcastings, organic fertiliser

Since the new soil has got to go somewhere now, the overwintered plants need to move on into bigger pots. I like to step up the pot size by roughly three to five liters.

Most of my overwintered pepper plants were in 5 to 7.5 liter pots in the 2012 season, so I’ve now moved them on into 7.5 to 10 liter pots. This will again ensure steady growth above and beneath the soil throughout the 2013 season.

Fatalii Yellow (c. chinense) repotted.


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