An international goodies swap campaign for chileheads on Youtube is currently spawning a lot of fun review vids.

Playlist of all vids from the Global Care Package campaign so far.

Even though there are people with a passion for chillies and hot food all over the world, many of the products that chileheads enjoy are not equally available in all of the different countries. So how awesome would it be if those who are into the spicy stuff sent out a care package with some hot specialties from their home-country to another person on the other side of the globe, and got the same from that person in return?

Pete Frisby, a seasoned reviewer of hot pepper products known as mrfriz42 on Youtube, had been playing with the idea in his head for a while when he rolled out the concept to the chilehead community in early August 2013. He’d pair up people from the UK with others from abroad. Those who got paired would send one another packages each containing a hotsauce, a chilli snack and some pepper sweets from the country they live in. They would then review the products in the package and put videos of the reviews up on Youtube.

I joined the campaign immediately when I heard about it and I’m glad I did. My package partner was Ryan Penny of the legendary Chilli Pepper Pete shop in Brighton/UK. The products I mailed to him came from Berlin’s only proper store for hot stuff, the Pfefferhaus. I chose their home-brand Stinger Special Edition hotsauce, some chilli winegums and the Killer Corn corn-nuts. The guys at Pfefferhaus were “kind” enough to spice up the latter with some extra Jolokia powder especially for Ryan.

What I got from Ryan in return was pure bliss: Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot Naga Sauce, You Gotta Be Nuts! chilli chocolate and MrVikki’s King Naga pickle. All products were top notch and extremely tasty, I enjoyed them just as much as Ryan enjoyed the ones from my package for him. So for the two of us the Global Care Package campaign has turned out to be tremdendous fun, just like it has for the other people taking part. And the fun goes on, as more and more review videos from the campaign keep coming in. All the vids already up on Youtube are in the playlist at the beginning of this post, so you can check out the joy and the friendly spirit of the international scene of chileheads for yourself.

Kudos to Pete Frisby for launching the Global Care Package. I really think this should go annual.


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