FRESH FROM THE GARDEN: Princess Pepper Project on DRadio Wissen

German radio covers the online chillihead scene with a one-hour feature of the hotpepper growing project at Prinzessinnengarten.

PrinzessinKnowledge-base Kreuzberg style: shack at Prinzessinnengärten (photo by Moritz Metz)

The other day I met up with journalist Moritz Metz from the radio-show Eine Stunde Netzbasteln at Prinzessinnengärten for a long interview on the chillihead scene in general and the Princess Pepper Project in particular. The show is a hands-on format on DRadio Wissen reporting on all sorts of DIY nerds who use the internet to connect and interact with like-minded folks.

Moritz and I wandered around on the premises while having a chat about the project’s details as well as growing your own chillies and the global scene of chilliheads online. We finished off with watching and commenting on pod-review vids by Paul Tonkin and snacksandsuch and trying some of the hotsauces that Moritz had brought along.

Click here for the full radio-feature: EINE STUNDE NETZBASTELN – MANCHE MÖGENS SCHARF

About a week prior to recording the interview at Prinzessinnengärten Moritz visited the annual plant-swapping meeting of the Hot-Pain chillihead forum at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. He captured some statements and impressions from the attendant forum members for a short report which is also part of the radio-show.

Even though I am not a Hot-Pain member myself, I went to the meeting, too, because the forum is the homebase of Onkel Hotti, my fellow grower on the Princess Pepper Project. Needless to say I had a great day with friendly, laid-back people and some spicy niceties from the grill.

M3110019Jerk chicken and pork, onions and Padron chillies on the road to perfection.


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