ADDENDUM: How the Princess Pepper Project ended

Season’s work got rewarded with nice harvests all through August and September. Plants lasted until late October.

[youtube: Ballet: first chinense pods in early August.

While I haven’t been posting any updates on the Princess Pepper Project ever since July 2014, things kept running pretty nicely at Prinzessinnengärten. Early August saw the chinense plants throwing out their first ripe pods. At the end of the same month, most of the plants both in the outdoor beds and in the greenhouse were going heavy with peppers, providing us with a really plentiful harvest.

When the weather cooled off around the end of September, pod-production started to taper off until it ceased completely in mid October. After the last few peppers had been picked, the plants were either given away for overwintering or killed off.

[youtube: in paradise: Heavy yields in late August.

The folks at Prinzessinnengärten created some really good hotsauces from the harvest. I used most of my share fresh in my daily cooking or just dried and powdered it for later. A couple of bags with pods and powders also went to my pal Johnny who does the “Grillshow” on Youtube. He made a nice little unboxing-video and threw in a recipe for a quick chilli-sauce on top.

[youtube: unboxing the chilli care-package from Berlin.

In late September I met up with the friendly folks from the Hot-Pain chillihead-forum at their annual thanksgiving-event on Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. As expected there were lots of hot food, cool drinks and nerdy talk about all things chilli. And of course I brought some of my own harvest, too, but it paled in comparison to the incredible amount of perfect pods that Peter Schwabe generously gave away.

[youtube: thanksgiving meet-up: Indian summer heatwaves.

During those gloomy months of the Berlin winter I’ve already been preparing the 2015 season. There will be two parallel chilli gardens this time, one at Prinzessinnengärten and the other one on my balcony. In terms of varieties, the focus is going to be on mild to moderately hot peppers, mostly from Italy, Mexico and south-east Asia. Find out all about it here.


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