TWIN PEPPER GARDEN PROJECT: The 2015 season is well on the way

Over the past few months I’ve been preparing the 2015 season. It will see two parallel pepper gardens, one at Prinzessinnengärten and one on my balcony.

[youtube: Pepper Garden Project: Prep up and get going!

As I’m writing this, all preparations for the 2015 season have already been taken care of. The 101 pepper plants currently cramming my grow-box and grow-racks germinated in between early December and early January. They will continue to grow under artificial light and go through at least one repotting stage before they will be planted out in mid May.

50+ of these plants will go into outdoor raised beds at Prinzessinnengärten, the communal garden that already hosted the Princess Pepper Project 2014. On my balcony, I’ll be having 15 to 20 plants, five of which will be overwinters from previous seasons.

With only 30 different varieties, the crop will be less diverse than it used to be in recent years. This time round, the focus will be on traditional culinary varieties from different ends of the world, mainly Mexico, Italy and south-east Asia. Therefore, most of these chillies have only moderate to solid heat – the hottest being at Habanero level – but they all do pack some awesome flavours. Only few of the seeds have been purchased from commercial seedbanks. For the largest part, I picked them up personally on various journeys or had them given to me by travelling friends.

Here’s my current grow-list including the countries of origin. I haven’t decided yet which ones will go into the outdoor raised beds and which ones will end up in containers on my balcony.

Aji Panca (Peru)
Aribi Gusano (Bolivia)
Anaheim TMR (New Mexico/USA)
Bacio di Satana Giallo (Italy)
Bacio di Satana Rosso (Italy)
Bolivian Bumpy (Bolivia)
Cambodian Thai (Cambodia)
Carmagnola Rosso (Italy)
Corazon (Spain)
Cornaletto da Appendere (Italy)
Corno di Toro Giallo (Italy)
Cuneo Giallo (Italy)
De Arbol (Mexico)
Devil’s Tongue Yellow (USA/Caribbean)
Feher Csereszenye (Hungary)
Finger Chili (Cambodia)
Goronong (Malaysia)
Habanero Vietnam (Vietnam)
Jalapeno M (Mexico)
Ot Chi Thien (Vietnam)
Peruvian Long Brown (Peru)
Peter Schwabe’s hybrid (Germany)
Pickergills Orange (USA)
Pimienta Moranga (Brasil)
Madame Jeanette (Surinam)
Superdatil (USA)
Thai Bird’s Eye (Cambodia)
Tobago Scotch Bonnet (Tobago)
Thai Orange Hot (Thailand)
Unknown Birdseye (Cambodia)
Shishito (Japan)

Catch you again soon with more updates!


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