After the plants had been re-potted, they’d been hardening off on my balcony before they found a new home in high-beds at Prinzessinnengärten.

[youtube: & jam-packed: Window-sills, grow-rack & grow-box crowded in April.

During the past months the chilli plants for the Twin Pepper Garden Project 2015 have been growing under both artificial and natural light. From mid-March on I’ve continued to transfer plants from the grow-rack onto the window-sills. For want of space, about half of them had to stay under artificial conditions.

During the second half of March, I kept re-potting the bigger plants from their small starter pots to 1.5 liter containers.  With a total of 101 plants growing in my place, grow-rack, grow-box and window-sills were pretty much jam-packed with peppers as you can see in the above video.

In early May I moved all of the plants out onto the balcony. It is a half-open space (i.e. it has a roof) that keeps the plants protected from rain and storm but still allows them to catch a good deal of sunlight. With nighttime-temps safely above five degrees Celsius and a mild mix of clouds and sun during the day, the weather was just about right to harden the plants off. Much like humans who put on a tan, peppers need to build up a resilience to the UV-radiation before they can cope with full-on outdoor conditions.

M3630001Re-potted plants hardening off on the balcony.

A week later it was time for some of the peppers to move again. I met up with Nico from Prinzessinnengärten in order to take 45 of the plants to their final destination: two double-rows of high-beds in an outdoor communal garden in central Berlin. A greenhouse also located on the premises will host a couple of the heat-loving chinense varieties.

Even though there are fewer high-beds for the peppers than last year, the setup (soil, irrigation etc) remained pretty much the same. As you can see in the video below, we put tags with info about each of the varieties into the beds this time, so visitors can learn about the diversity and the culinary options that the capsicum family provides.

We kept a third double-row of high-beds free for some later additions. On May 30th my chillihead-pal Alexander from Pepperworld will come over to Berlin and join me to hold a chilli-growing workshop at Prinzessinnengärten. He will bring along a few more plants that will fit perfectly into this year’s focus on Asian, Italian and Mexican varieties.

[youtube: Planting at Prinzessinnengärten: 45 peppers move into high-beds.




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