On upcoming Saturday, May 30th, Berlin chilli lovers are in for a double treat: a chilli-growing workshop at Prinzessinnengärten and a cook-off with lots of giveaways at Neu West Berlin.

chili_cook-offThe 2nd Annual “Horsemeat Optional” Chili Cook-off on May 30th 2015.

Hot food connoisseurs in Berlin should mark upcoming Saturday, May 30th, with a big red X in their calendars. At the 2nd Annual “Horsemeat Optional” Chili Cook-Off chefs from various Berlin restaurants will compete with one another for the best chili dish in town. From meaty to vegetarian to vegan, and from mild to superhot – all sorts of cooking styles are allowed and will be presented at the event.

Both the audience and a panel of “expert” judges (including yours truly) will cast their votes and determine the winner. For those lucky 120 people who get to buy a ticket at the door, the entry fee of 15 Euros will include a gift bag, a beer from Flying Turtle and a cocktail from Jameson, gift cards from Five Elephant Coffee, Pfefferhaus, Yoga in English, Nalu Diner and Pepperworld plus nine different types of chili. The ticket will also get you into the Neu West Berlin “Closing Forever” party which will be held parallel to the cook-off. Quite a lot of stuff and fun for your money, I guess.

Those who are curious not only about eating but also about growing chillies can expand their knowledge earlier on the same day. On Saturday, May 30th, Alexander Hicks of Pepperworld and myself will be holding a one-hour-workshop on how to grow your own hot peppers at Prinzessinnengärten Berlin. The workshop will kick off at 11.30 in the morning and the entry is free.

Looking forward to meeting you at both these events!

chiliPlanting and growing chillies at Prinzessinnengärten.


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