2014 season: grow-list

M2990016Seeds awaiting germination in the propagator.

Two growers and one communal garden are involved in the Princess Pepper Project 2014: Onkel Hotti from Leipzig and myself have each grown 50+ plants from a total of 70+ varieties fresh from seeds. On May 17 we joined our plants at Prinzessinnengärten Berlin where they now continue to grow in outdoor raised beds as well as 15 liter containers in a greenhouse. On my balcony I will only be keeping some second and third year overwintered plants plus a few new ones that my curiosity compelled me to try.

Princess Pepper Project 2014 (fresh from seeds):

  • 7Pot Brown (c. chinense)
  • 7Pot Orange-Yellow (c. chinense)
  • 7Pot Primo Orange (c. chinense)
  • Aji Banana (c. baccatum)
  • Aji Colorado (c. baccatum)
  • Aji Escabeche (c. baccatum)
  • Aji Golden (c. baccatum)
  • Aji Jardin (c. baccatum)
  • Aji Panca (c. chinense)
  • Aji Sugar Rush (c. baccatum)
  • Aji White Fantasy (c. baccatum)
  • Aluka Sarga (c. annuum)
  • Arribi Gusano (c. chinense)
  • Beni Highlands (c. chinense)
  • Black Hot Hungarian (c. annuum)
  • Brown Egg (c. chinense)
  • CAP 1141 (c. praetermissum)
  • Carolina Reaper (c. chinense)
  • Cascabel (c. annuum)
  • Cayenne (rot) (c. annuum)
  • Chupetinho (c. chinense)
  • Corazon (c. annuum)
  • Criolla Sella (c. baccatum)
  • Da Shi Tou (c. annuum)
  • Devil’s Tongue Yellow (c. chinense)
  • Dong Xuan Market (c. baccatum)
  • Dwarf Tepin (c. annuum)
  • Ecuadorian Brown (c. chinense)
  • Elefant (c. annuum)
  • Fatalii White (c. chinense)
  • Fatalii Yellow (c. chinense)
  • Gelbe Nicht-Cayenne (c. annuum)
  • Georgia Black (c. annuum)
  • Golden Marconi (c. annuum)
  • Gorria / Piment D’Espelette (c. annuum)
  • Hegyes Erös (c. annuum)
  • Inca Red Drop (c. baccatum)
  • Incan Rocoto (c. pubescens)
  • Italia (c. annuum)
  • Jalapeno Concho (c. annuum)
  • Jalapeno Jalafuego (c. annuum)
  • Jamaican Scotch Bonnet TFM (c. chinense)
  • Kitchenpepper Peach (c. chinense)
  • Madame Jeanette (c. chinense)
  • Manabi Sweet (c. chinense)
  • Monkey Face (c. annuum)
  • Nepalese Bell (c. baccatum)
  • Orange Locoto (c. pubsescens)
  • Peruviano Arancio (c. baccatum)
  • Pimiento Picon (c. annuum)
  • Pritamin (c. annuum)
  • Red Flame (c. annuum)
  • Rocoto Chocolate Grande (c. pubescens)
  • Rocoto Grande Yellow (c. pubescens)
  • Rocoto P360 Red (c. pubescens)
  • Rocoto Red (Tim) (c. pubescens)
  • Serrano (c. annuum)
  • Serrano Purple (c. annuum)
  • Shephard’s Ramshorn (c. annuum)
  • Sili-A-Top (c. baccatum)
  • Sucette de Provence (c. annuum)
  • Sweet Cayenne (c. annuum)
  • Tazmanian Black (c. annuum)
  • Thai (c. annuum)
  • Thai Orange Hot (c. annuum)
  • Tölteni Való (c. annuum)
  • Trepadeira Do Werner (c. baccatum)
  • Tunesian Baklouti (c. annuum)
  • Turbo Pube (c. pubescens)
  • Vezena Piperka (c. annuum)
  • Yaki Blue (Fawn) (c. chinense)
  • Yatsufusa (c. annuum)
  • Zimbabwe Bird (c. frutescens)

On my balcony I grow a mix of overwinters and new plants:


  • 7Pot Orange-Yellow (c. chinense), 3rd year
  • Aji Angelo (c. baccatum), 3rd year
  • Fatalii Orange deceased
  • Fatalii Yellow (c. chinense), 3rd year
  • Jamaican Hot Chocolate (c. chinense), 3rd year
  • Kitchenpepper Peach (c. chinense), 2nd year
  • Monkey Face (c. annuum), 2nd year
  • Peruviano Arancio (c. baccatum), 2nd year
  • Turbo Pube (c. pubescens), 3rd year
  • Yaki Blue [Fawn] (c.chinense), 2nd year

Fresh from seeds:

  • Carolina Reaper (c. chinense)
  • Criolla Sella (c. baccatum)
  • Dong Xuan Market (c. baccatum)
  • Rocoto Chocolate Grande (c. pubescens)

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