2012 season: Berlin Balcony Jungle Project

Evening time on the balcony in summer 2012

While in my first few hot pepper growing seasons, I had only been using seedlings that I’d bought from local gardening-/hot-shops, I went full sails in 2012. Decided that I wanted to collect as much first-hand experience on growing hot peppers as I possiby could. So I got myself a genetically varied selection of seeds and grew out 41 different capsicum varieties from at least five, maybe six different genetic species (annuum, chinense, baccatum, pubescens, eximium … and possibly a frutescens one) on my balcony in central Berlin.

Click on the links below for more:

Detailed growing info
Grow list
Grow-log videos and specials
Video reviews of my balcony-grown pods


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