2013 season: Berlin Balcony Jungle Project

Basic setup for kicking off germination

This season will bring on a couple of changes from the one before.

First off, I’ll have fewer varieties. The 41 varieties I grew last season used up pretty much all the space on my balcony which is a beautiful sight for a chilehead but a definite minus in terms of casual and social space. Also, the plants were taking away far too much light from one another, and therefore constraining each other’s growth. So I’ll be cutting it down to a total of 30 33 varieties this season.

Secondly, my focus will be on taste and look rather than sheer variety. I’ve collected the experience I wanted with the large span of different varieties I’ve grown in the 2012 season. From that I’m currently overwintering ten of my favourites, like the Foodorama Scotch Bonnet, the Cornish Naga, the Fatalii, the Turbo Pube or the 7Pot Orange-Yellow. The new ones I’ll be growing from seeds this year are a mix of traditional “kitchen” varieties, exotic ones and a few superhots. Find a link to my detailed 2013 grow-list below.

Lastly, the grow-log will at the same time be a grow-guide this season. I’ll be taking you step-by-step through how I go about growing hot peppers from scratch.

Detailed growing info

Grow log and guide

Grow list


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