2013 season: grow list

Assorted seeds for the 2013 season

The 2013 season will see a mix of 10 overwintered plants and 23 new varieties that I’ll be growing fresh from seeds or from seedlings that I got as a gift.

Overwintered (supplier in parantheses):

  • 7Pot Orange-Yellow (semillas.de)
  • Aji Angelo (semillas.de)
  • Aji Golden (semillas.de)
  • Cornish Naga (Paul Tonkin)
  • Fatalii (semillas.de)
  • Jamaican Hot Chocolate (semillas.de)
  • Rocoto Costa Rica Red (semillas.de)
  • Rocoto Turbo Pube (semillas.de)
  • Scotch Bonnet Foodorama (semillas.de)
  • Scotch Bonnet Trinidad (semillas.de)

From seeds (supplier in parentheses):

Since I’ve bumped into some problems with germination this season (details here), I unfortunately ran out of seeds for some of the varieties that I had originally planned on growing in the 2013 season. So I got some others started instead to fill up the empty slots. Plus I’ve been swapping plants with some chilehead mates of mine recently, so the list has grown a wee bit from the 20 new varieties as I had planned to a total of 23.

  • 7Pot Brainstrain (Paul Tonkin)
  • Big Apple Rocoto (Raphael Alber/chili-pepper.ch)
  • Fatalii Orange (Frank Hottenrott)
  • Fatalii White (semillas.de)
  • Goat’s Weed (Ronny Engmann)
  • Golden Marconi (semillas.de)
  • Great Portuguese Goat Heart (semillas.de)
  • Habanero Mustard (Pfefferhaus)
  • Hegyes Erös (fresh pod from “Nagy Vásárcsarnok” market-hall Budapest)
  • Kitchenpepper Peach (semillas.de)
  • Monkey Face (Paul Tonkin)
  • Peruviano Arancio (semillas.de)
  • Piment D’Esplette (semillas.de)
  • Serrano Tampiqueno (semillas.de)
  • Rocotillo (semillas.de)
  • Rocoto Grandis (Frank Hottenrott)
  • Rompedor (semillas.de)
  • Tölteni Valo (fresh pod from “Nagy Vásárcsarnok” market-hall Budapest)
  • Trifetti (Ronny Engmann)
  • Trinidad Douglah (semillas.de)
  • Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend (Paul Tonkin)
  • Vezena Piperka (Bart Meijer)
  • Yaki Blue (Fawn) (Raphael Alber/chili-pepper.ch)

3 responses to “2013 season: grow list

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  2. Tmudder

    Quite the unique selection of pods you have going there bud! I am very curious what the Yaki Blues are. I see only a couple folks who have seeds to that one. Hopefully the pods are as cool as the name!

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