I’ve tried to document the progress of the 2012 Berlin Balcony Jungle Project on video ever since I put my plants out onto the balcony in mid April. All of the visual material I’ve shot with a Panasonic V500M HD video camera. The music used in the specials is courtesy of the iD.EOLOGY netlabel.


Special #2: Jungle Heat

Eye-candy for chileheads, this time it’s pods all the way. So sit back and enjoy some funky pepper porn, backed up with a bouncy drum’n’bass beat.



Special #1: Jungle Boogie

Laid-back image flow for chililovers, a round-up of how the project’s been going from April to late June. Strictly flowers and fruit, with a soulful funky tune.



Grow-log update #4: Cropping Up!

Peppers-a-plenty! The end of the season is coming into sight so here’s one of the last updates on this year’s project. I focused on my faves to give you some down and dirty pod-porn.



Grow-log update #3: Enemies & Allies

Let nature do its thing! An effective way of battling aphids & other enemies of chili plants is to get help from natural allies like parasitic wasps & ladybugs. Also some words on soil & fertilisation.



Grow-log update #2: The Jungle Thickens

The jungle thickens and so does my confusion towards the end of this video. Any helpful comments from you are very welcome! This is the second update on my 2012 hot pepper growing season.



Grow-log update #1: Finally Outside!

My first video-update on my 2012 chile pepper growing season. I currently keep at least one plant each of 41 different varieties on my balcony plus a few spare ones to give away to friends.


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