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On upcoming Saturday, May 30th, Berlin chilli lovers are in for a double treat: a chilli-growing workshop at Prinzessinnengärten and a cook-off with lots of giveaways at Neu West Berlin.

chili_cook-offThe 2nd Annual “Horsemeat Optional” Chili Cook-off on May 30th 2015.

Hot food connoisseurs in Berlin should mark upcoming Saturday, May 30th, with a big red X in their calendars. At the 2nd Annual “Horsemeat Optional” Chili Cook-Off chefs from various Berlin restaurants will compete with one another for the best chili dish in town. From meaty to vegetarian to vegan, and from mild to superhot – all sorts of cooking styles are allowed and will be presented at the event. Continue reading


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My plants have now spent two months out on the balcony. Except for a few which I got very late in the season, all of them are now flowering while some of the annuums are already putting out early pods.

Video featuring three of my annuums and two overwintered chinenses.

Over the past two months my plants have been facing very unsettled weather conditions. While in May it was mostly cloudy and rainy with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, June has so far been a really sunny treat with temps in the low to mid 20’s.

Since all the soil, amendments and fertilisers I use are purely organic, the May conditions called for some affirmative action. Continue reading

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Berlin Balcony Jungle Project 2013 – Grow Log & Guide: Germination reloaded!

After my last post, I was quite eagerly awaiting germination, but I got heavily disappointed. Out of the 20 varieties that I had sowed out, only two had germinated after four weeks. I was surprised, and quite worried, since I had done things just like I had been doing them in 2012 when all was going fine.

When I gave the propagators a closer look, I discovered that the jiffy-pellets (compressed, rehydrated coco-fibre tabs I sowed the seeds in) placed in the centre of the box had gone bone-dry, while the ones towards the sides were soaking wet. Obviously, the heat from the heatmat evaporated the water from the pellets, which then condensed on the propagator’s walls and ran them down to continuously re-hydrate the pellets placed closest to the walls. The result were dried out seeds in the centre pellets and mouldy ones in the peripherals.

Propagator (mini greenhouse) fitted with heatmat and jiffy pellets.

So measures needed to be taken urgently. Continue reading


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