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Grow-Log & Guide: PLANT TO PLATE – how I use and preserve my harvest.

With their wide range of flavours and heat, chillies are exciting to use in cooking. And what’s even better, they are very easy to preserve so one single harvest might last all through the year.

[youtube: food-porn. Spicy greetings from my fiery kitchen.

The culinary uses of hot peppers are somewhat close to infinite. They can be made into food and products to enjoy right away or to store for later. Continue reading


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An international goodies swap campaign for chileheads on Youtube is currently spawning a lot of fun review vids.

Playlist of all vids from the Global Care Package campaign so far.

Even though there are people with a passion for chillies and hot food all over the world, many of the products that chileheads enjoy are not equally available in all of the different countries. So how awesome would it be if those who are into the spicy stuff sent out a care package with some hot specialties from their home-country to another person on the other side of the globe, and got the same from that person in return? Continue reading

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Red Hot Dinner Club


What better way is there to get rid of your excess christmas-calories but to have a fancy meal that’ll help you fry those fatcells? So if you’re in Berlin on Thursday, December 27th 2012, you might want to book a table at the Red Hot Dinner Club at Salon Blaue Elise.

Thursday is usually the day of the “Blue Dinner Club” there, when acclaimed professional chef Eaman dishes up a 3-course gourmet dinner for a very fair price. On the 27th, though, I’ll be taking over the kitchen in order to prepare an authentic 3-course chilehead special with some balcony-grown pods and powders from my 2012 season.

Here’s the menu: Continue reading


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