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After the plants had been re-potted, they’d been hardening off on my balcony before they found a new home in high-beds at Prinzessinnengärten.

[youtube: & jam-packed: Window-sills, grow-rack & grow-box crowded in April.

During the past months the chilli plants for the Twin Pepper Garden Project 2015 have been growing under both artificial and natural light. From mid-March on I’ve continued to transfer plants from the grow-rack onto the window-sills. For want of space, about half of them had to stay under artificial conditions. Continue reading


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TWIN PEPPER GARDEN PROJECT: The 2015 season is well on the way

Over the past few months I’ve been preparing the 2015 season. It will see two parallel pepper gardens, one at Prinzessinnengärten and one on my balcony.

[youtube: Pepper Garden Project: Prep up and get going!

As I’m writing this, all preparations for the 2015 season have already been taken care of. The 101 pepper plants currently cramming my grow-box and grow-racks germinated in between early December and early January. They will continue to grow under artificial light and go through at least one repotting stage before they will be planted out in mid May. Continue reading

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ADDENDUM: How the Princess Pepper Project ended

Season’s work got rewarded with nice harvests all through August and September. Plants lasted until late October.

[youtube: Ballet: first chinense pods in early August.

While I haven’t been posting any updates on the Princess Pepper Project ever since July 2014, things kept running pretty nicely at Prinzessinnengärten. Early August saw the chinense plants throwing out their first ripe pods. At the end of the same month, most of the plants both in the outdoor beds and in the greenhouse were going heavy with peppers, providing us with a really plentiful harvest. Continue reading

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