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An international goodies swap campaign for chileheads on Youtube is currently spawning a lot of fun review vids.

Playlist of all vids from the Global Care Package campaign so far.

Even though there are people with a passion for chillies and hot food all over the world, many of the products that chileheads enjoy are not equally available in all of the different countries. So how awesome would it be if those who are into the spicy stuff sent out a care package with some hot specialties from their home-country to another person on the other side of the globe, and got the same from that person in return? Continue reading


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Blaze the Kraze!

For the final part of the series of reviews of hotsaues created by Florida-based chef Todd Warosh aka tmudder, Felix of Pfefferhaus and myself picked The Blaze and Krazy Kurry. Again, these two were excellent, very round and with a solid, but still manageable burn which rather supports and invigorates the flavours instead of overwhelming them.

The Blaze turned out to be a good, all-around hot-sauce. In contrast to all the other sauces by tmudder that we’ve tried throughout the series, this one probably has the least characteristic taste of its own. It’s still pleasant and round, but it doesn’t provide as much of a full and rich whack of flavours as the other ones.┬á So The Blaze is closer to a regular hot-sauce but still way above it: there’s no strong note of vinegar, just a bit of a tang from the Tamarind. You might use it as a condiment as well as an ingredient for your own cooking, whenever you want to add a bit of heat and a basic layer of flavour to your dish.

The Krazy Kurry is a whole different ballgame. Heatwise it’s clearly stronger than The Blaze and the curry aroma is very present as soon as you open the bottle. Down a spoonful and you get an amazingly intense blast of curry flavour, with nice, subtle notes of roast from the toasted cumin and the grilled scallion. A perfect sauce for any sort of classic curry usage that will make any old stir-fry or rice-dish into something special and exciting. To me it felt like someone had kicked off a party in my mouth, everything was lighting up and coming to life. So along with the Roasted Ghost and the Crazed Jamaican, Krazy Kurry is one of my absolute faves of tmudder’s line of sauces.

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Wa gwaan? … Ay caramba!

So here’s part three of the Double Double Sauce Reviews, the series in which Felix of Pfefferhaus and myself try a total of eight hot-sauces by Florida-based chilehead and chef Todd Warosh aka tmudder. This time, we’re having a go at “Mojo Madness” and “Crazed Jamaican Jerk”. Both sauces have a strong character, a memorable taste of their own and a clearly defined personality, even though they’re pretty much different in terms of heat and flavour. It seems like this time, we have picked the two far ends of the heat-scale in tmudder’s line of products.

The “Mojo Madness” is certainly one of the most unusual hot-sauces that Felix and I tried so far. It has an intense green, vegetable-like colour, that’s not too common with any hot-sauce off the shelf. Tastewise, it’s very rounded and harmonious, and it treats you with the full, savoury taste of roasted Tomatillos while the burn from the roasted Scotch Bonnets stays at a nice, balanced mild to medium kind of level. An excellent addition to any veggie dish, like bbq’ed courgettes, eggplant and potatoes, and it might also be good to whip up a salsa or salad.

The “Crazed Jamaican”, on the other hand, is definitely made to go onto meat. It has the typical Jamaican “Jerk” (as well as “christmassy”) combination of spices, namely cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. It gives the sauce a great rich, earthy taste that keeps lingering in the mouth for a while after eating. The heat of the Scotch Bonnets and the Bhut Jolokia (that went into this sauce) is quite a bit stronger than on any other of Todd’s sauces. In fact, it caught me a wee bit off guard as you will be able to see on the video. The flavour is intense enough, though, to keep it all in a pleasant, energetic balance. This sauce would go excellent on flame-grilled chicken or your typical slow-roasted jerk with whatever kind of meat you prefer.


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