Hot Food

I’m really into cooking so I’ll be putting up recipes and tipps on the culinary use of hot peppers on this page. For now, here’s a little slideshow of some dishes I’ve prepared with my balcony-grown pods.


When my balcony harvest was at its peak in mid September 2012, I did some good picking and took a good load of what I’d gotten over to MrSchtief for a hot-sauce cooking session. We came out with four very different varieties that night, and had some silly name-ideas that really convey the kind of relaxed and funny spirit this cooking session was carried by. We ended up with a sweet-savoury BBQ sauce called “Okey Smokey”, a sweet-tart/tangy one based on orange-juice, fennel, apricots and various Peruvian peppers called “Andes Candy”. Plus a savoury-yummy “Perky Jerky” Jamaican style and the very fruity/fresh/tart but nonetheless superhot “Twanged Tang”, based on lemon juice, cucumber, apple, pomelo plus some fresh Cornish Naga.

One response to “Hot Food

  1. gorgeous photos and the dishes look delicious! love spicy food 🙂

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