ADDENDUM: How the Princess Pepper Project ended

Season’s work got rewarded with nice harvests all through August and September. Plants lasted until late October.

[youtube: Ballet: first chinense pods in early August.

While I haven’t been posting any updates on the Princess Pepper Project ever since July 2014, things kept running pretty nicely at Prinzessinnengärten. Early August saw the chinense plants throwing out their first ripe pods. At the end of the same month, most of the plants both in the outdoor beds and in the greenhouse were going heavy with peppers, providing us with a really plentiful harvest. Continue reading


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PODS & PROLIFERATION: Princess Pepper Project in July

Over the past month the outdoor and greenhouse chilli plants at Prinzessinnengärten have been going heavy on the production of foliage, flowers and pods.

[youtube: growth at Prinzessinnengärten. Vid of the project in mid July.

The ritual dance I mentioned at the end of my last post did apparently have an effect. Ever since early July the Berlin weather has been fair and sunny with temperatures in the mid twenties to even mid thirties on the Celsius scale.

To the plants this obviously came as a blessing. While the greenhouse ones have been thriving ever since they had moved there in mid May, some of the chillies in the outdoor raised beds had initially taken some damage from attacks by sun, rain and snails. Most of them have fully recovered by now and have entered into their generative phase. Continue reading

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PAINFUL SIGHTS & PURE DELIGHTS: review of the Princess Pepper Project since moving outdoors

One month after planting out most of our hotpepper varieties are going strong while others are still struggling from damage done by intense sun, heavy rains and hungry snails.

[youtube: Good, The Badass & The Ugly: vid-review one month after planting out.

Ever since Onkel Hotti and I had put the 100+ chilli plants into their final beds and pots at Prinzessinnengärten in mid May, it has been fascinating for me to watch them cope with full-blown outdoor conditions as well as the more protected environment of a greenhouse. Continue reading

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