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PRINCESS PEPPER PROJECT 2014 – the kick-off!

After collecting experiences with growing chillies on my balcony for a couple of years, the next season will see a completely new and pretty big outdoor project in a communal garden in Berlin.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT1fhTHGoxk%5DKicking off the new season with germination and some bass.

When you’re living in the centre of a big city like Berlin growing-space is usually pretty limited. One of the few opportunities to grow out chillies on a bigger scale are so-called communal gardens. They’re basically nurseries and horticultural farms where a lot of people grow their own plants and vegetables, share them with each other and teach visitors about gardening. Continue reading



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Grow-Log & Guide: HACKED FOR HIBERNATION – the end of the season

After another good month of harvesting, the end of the season has arrived. Time to rid the plants of their last pods and get them pruned for overwintering.

Overwintering preps & a rocking farewell to the 2013 growing season.

Nighttime temperatures are now coming increasingly close to the margin of 5 degrees Celsius which is about the lowest that most capsicum varieties will tolerate. So I’m now faced with the choice of letting my plants die out on the balcony or giving them a chance to survive indoors. Continue reading

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Grow-Log & Guide: HARVESTING TIME – some great reward!

Harvesting-time is when growing your own chillies really starts paying off. With just some simple little touches before and while reaping what you sowed, you can boost your yield considerably.

Harvesting Heat: August grow-log update vid with sexy pod footage

Summertime is usually the most laid-back part of the season for a chilli grower. Pests like aphids are not really a concern anymore ever since their predators like parasitic wasps and ladybugs took care of them back in June. And on from the pollinators’ arrival in June and July, the plants have been funneling all their energy into producing fruit. Continue reading


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