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An effective way to germinate seeds, a new grow-station, and a truckload of plants already growing. The Princess Pepper Project is currently rolling fine in both Berlin and Leipzig.

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhTT_GwVu40%5DThree shelves of chillies in my new DIY grow-station.

The Princess Pepper Project has been making some delightful progress since my last post. My fellow grower Onkel Hotti over in Leipzig and myself in Berlin have now got almost 140 plants of close to 60 varieties going that we’ll be planting out at Prinzessinnengärten, a communal garden in Berlin, in May 2014. Our goal are 100+ plants from 70+ varieties of chillies, and if things keep falling into place we’ll be there in a week or two. Continue reading


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Grow-Log & Guide: Where I get my seeds/plants from and what my current grow-list looks like.

Assorted Seeds for the 2013 season from various sources.

If you want to grow your own chilli plants, there are basically two different ways to start off: from seeds or from seedlings. Which one of the two you choose or whether you combine them, pretty much depends on the degree of care, interest and dedication you want to put into growing chillis as well as on the opportunities you’ve got. Whatever you decide on doing, there are plenty of sources for both seeds and seedlings – both commercial and social. Continue reading

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