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On upcoming Saturday, May 30th, Berlin chilli lovers are in for a double treat: a chilli-growing workshop at Prinzessinnengärten and a cook-off with lots of giveaways at Neu West Berlin.

chili_cook-offThe 2nd Annual “Horsemeat Optional” Chili Cook-off on May 30th 2015.

Hot food connoisseurs in Berlin should mark upcoming Saturday, May 30th, with a big red X in their calendars. At the 2nd Annual “Horsemeat Optional” Chili Cook-Off chefs from various Berlin restaurants will compete with one another for the best chili dish in town. From meaty to vegetarian to vegan, and from mild to superhot – all sorts of cooking styles are allowed and will be presented at the event. Continue reading


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PRINCESS PEPPER PROJECT 2014 – the kick-off!

After collecting experiences with growing chillies on my balcony for a couple of years, the next season will see a completely new and pretty big outdoor project in a communal garden in Berlin.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT1fhTHGoxk%5DKicking off the new season with germination and some bass.

When you’re living in the centre of a big city like Berlin growing-space is usually pretty limited. One of the few opportunities to grow out chillies on a bigger scale are so-called communal gardens. They’re basically nurseries and horticultural farms where a lot of people grow their own plants and vegetables, share them with each other and teach visitors about gardening. Continue reading


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Grow-Log & Guide: THE FINAL RE-POTTING – plants coming home

My plants have now been out on the balcony permanently for a full week. After they’ve had their chance to adjust to the conditions outdoors and to harden off to the sun and the wind, they now go into their final pots with a different soil-mix than before.

Video to celebrate the plants reaching the final re-potting stage.

Most of my new plants have now been in their one-liter pots for five to seven weeks. During this time, they’ve been putting out roots and foliage which they produce from the nutrient-components they pick up from the soil. In order to prevent them from “burning up” from the inside by overfeeding, the soil used for their time in the one-liter pots was a mix of three parts regular potting soil, three parts starter soil and one part earthworm castings. Continue reading


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