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An effective way to germinate seeds, a new grow-station, and a truckload of plants already growing. The Princess Pepper Project is currently rolling fine in both Berlin and Leipzig.

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhTT_GwVu40%5DThree shelves of chillies in my new DIY grow-station.

The Princess Pepper Project has been making some delightful progress since my last post. My fellow grower Onkel Hotti over in Leipzig and myself in Berlin have now got almost 140 plants of close to 60 varieties going that we’ll be planting out at Prinzessinnengärten, a communal garden in Berlin, in May 2014. Our goal are 100+ plants from 70+ varieties of chillies, and if things keep falling into place we’ll be there in a week or two. Continue reading


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Grow-Log & Guide: THE FINAL RE-POTTING – plants coming home

My plants have now been out on the balcony permanently for a full week. After they’ve had their chance to adjust to the conditions outdoors and to harden off to the sun and the wind, they now go into their final pots with a different soil-mix than before.

Video to celebrate the plants reaching the final re-potting stage.

Most of my new plants have now been in their one-liter pots for five to seven weeks. During this time, they’ve been putting out roots and foliage which they produce from the nutrient-components they pick up from the soil. In order to prevent them from “burning up” from the inside by overfeeding, the soil used for their time in the one-liter pots was a mix of three parts regular potting soil, three parts starter soil and one part earthworm castings. Continue reading

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Grow Log & Guide: NICE UP DI AREA! – Spring’s here, plants go outdoors.

After some icy-cold Easter holidays, springtime now seems to have arrived in Berlin for good. Time to give the plants a breath of fresh air and some sunrays to feed on. And to greet the season with a new video.

Greeting springtime with some sexy plant-footage and a fat tune by Grodio.

Once nighttime temperatures are keeping at a minimum of five degrees Celsius, it is safe to put chilli plants outdoors. They may need a bit of time to adjust to the difference in temperatures between night and day, and they might show you some flabby leaves early in the morning. If that happens even though the soil is still moist, then it’s is certainly not a sign of underwatering but rather one of the plants getting used to the ups and downs in their thermal conditions. Don’t worry – they’ll recover within an hour or two. Continue reading


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