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PODS & PROLIFERATION: Princess Pepper Project in July

Over the past month the outdoor and greenhouse chilli plants at Prinzessinnengärten have been going heavy on the production of foliage, flowers and pods.

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPf-jp2LBoo%5DProlific growth at Prinzessinnengärten. Vid of the project in mid July.

The ritual dance I mentioned at the end of my last post did apparently have an effect. Ever since early July the Berlin weather has been fair and sunny with temperatures in the mid twenties to even mid thirties on the Celsius scale.

To the plants this obviously came as a blessing. While the greenhouse ones have been thriving ever since they had moved there in mid May, some of the chillies in the outdoor raised beds had initially taken some damage from attacks by sun, rain and snails. Most of them have fully recovered by now and have entered into their generative phase. Continue reading


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Mid May has arrived so nighttime-frosts are no longer a threat now. Time to move out the 100+ chilli plants we had growing indoors to their final destination at Prinzessinnengärten Berlin.

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaHVNfMOdLQ%5DVideo documenting our plant-out on May 17 with some epic music.

Almost three months have now gone by since my last post. In the meantime the Princess Pepper Project has continued to make some serious progress. Yesterday we finally took an important step on our roadmap towards creating a jungle of 100+ pepper plants from 70+ varieties right in the middle of Berlin. All the plants that Onkel Hotti had been nursing over at his place near Leipzig plus the ones I had been bringing up here in Berlin finally ended up in raised beds at Prinzessinnengärten Berlin. Continue reading

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